The meat from a pedigree Gloucestershire Old Spots is something very special. It’s not just us boasting, the EU Commission agrees!

Whether as pork, or bacon, or gammons, or sausages, or pies, genuine GOS pork is flavoursome, succulent and delicious.

You can share this experience by buying the real thing from one of our members or perhaps you would prefer to produce your own! Either way we can help.

Delicious, succulent Pork comes from a pig with provenance!

Delicious, succulent Pork comes from a pig with provenance!

You can buy exclusive Traditionally Farmed Gloucestershire Old Spots Pork from a select group of producers who have been approved under the EU Food Protection initiative. You can find out all about this and the high standards such pigs have to achieve by going to the TSG section.

If there is no such producer in your area, you can approach other GOS pig breeders to find out where their produce is available by going to the Club Members section.

Use the same page to check for local breeders if you decide to keep a couple of pigs to finish yourself. There’s a host of useful advice about what you need to do to achieve this absolutely free – just go to the Pig Management section