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    Now that my Rufus Boar has decided he does not want to produce further progeny I am looking for a new boar for small scale meat pig production – maybe you are local to me and have one that’s going to slaughter but would rather work, let me know please and maybe I can save him…….

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    Contact for above Email me – ballardsfield@live.co.uk

    carl whiting

    Hi I have a choice of young boars 18 weeks old if your interested regard Carl
    Peacehaven herd nr badminton s glos


    Hi, if interested and Buckinghamshire isn’t too far for you, we have an unregistered Gerald boar for sale. He is around 5 years old and has regulary produces litters of 10 with our sow.(Current litter can be seen which are 6 months now). Amongst them are 6 boars for sale but obviously not quite ready to re-produce. Our adult boar “Gerry” is quiet in nature and easy to handle. The only reason we are selling him is my Dad is retiring and selling the farm.
    We are open to offers.

    a b

    Thanks for the replies – to far away for me sorry.

    Cornwall Or Devon

    Boar still required, does not have to be a prize boar quality as long as its keen to produce meat quality weaners and is reasonably priced.

    Contact Email me – ballardsfield@live.co.uk

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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