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    bramblebee porkers

    We have boars for hire
    We only loan out young boars from our boars and usually have a very good selection available
    I currently run 4 Boars, 1 Rufus 2 Sambo’s, 1 Patrick, the young boars will be from these and will be registered if needed
    No visting sows
    Boars are returned direct to the abbatoir for sausages
    We are based in Wisbech Cambs
    Local Delivery and Collection service

    bramblebee porkers

    No boars available for about 6 weeks sorry
    Booking in advance taken

    martin wilson


    do you have any registered boars ready to work / can you advise lineage ?

    have 2 gilts 2rs old registered.

    we are in Devon but can collect.

    Martin & Jane Wilson

    bramblebee porkers

    Sorry just seen this if interested still email me on

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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