Use this page to find boars at stud in a particular area of the country. Where members are happy to receive enquiries from members of the public, they have allowed us to display their relevant contact details. This does not obligate members in any way and members have the right to refuse a request for any reason.

Members – if you would like to add your boar’s details to this register, please print off and complete this form  Reg_of_Boars_at_Stud_Form[1]  and send it to the Club by post or email and the information will be uploaded to the site as soon as possible. Please note only boars belonging to members of the Club may be  listed here. If you wish to change your listing, please contact


Boars in Scotland & Northern England
Lisa McCaig West Linton Peeblshire
Boar Theoak Patrick (R009178GS DOB 08/03/13)
Contact 01968660709 or 0778831581
Visiting sows accepted only

Mandy Garbutt Northallerton North Yorkshire
Boar Burfords Gerald 23 (R011107GS DOB 02/01/18)
Contact 07979858757 or email
Visiting gilts, owners must be BPA members, may travel locally

Rhona Pettigrew & Bruce Chambers, Colintrave, Argyll
Boar Littleowls Sambo 447 ( R010044GS DOB 17/07/14)
Contact 01369820351 or 07775708337
Accepts visiting gilts/sows only

Boars in the South
Gillian Herbert, Linley Green, Herefordshire
Burfords Patrick 52 (R011026GS DOB 02/08/17)
Tel 01886884362 or email

Bramblebees Porkers – Paul Day Wisbech Cambridgeshire
Boar Foston Sambo 57
Boar Foston Sambo 49 (R007254GS DOB 01/01/11)
Boar Foston Rufus 60
Boar Bramblebees Patrick 654
Tel 01945772921 or 07800884571
Accepts visiting sows and will travel locally

Amanda Ryder, Aldridge, W Mids
Boar Pebblesford Gerald 725 (R00981795 05/07/14)
Tel 01922458921/07895884531 email
Accepts visiting ladies only

Jonathan Crump Stonehouse Glos
Foston Sambo 54 (R008899GS 03/10/12)
Tel 01453821486 email
Enquire as to availability

Mike Smith Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset
Cosscoombe Gerald 12 (R010236GS 03/01/16)
Cosscoombe Gerald 11 (R010255GS /07/15)
Toller Gerald 886 (R008987GS 13/02/13)
Tel 01278785593/07742427967 email
Accepts visiting sows & will travel locally